Creatives in search of stories to tell.


Creatives in search of stories to tell.


About Us


Why 'Serendipity Works'

You know when things work out beautifully as if by divine intervention? We do too, but we also know a lot of work goes into making something beautiful, and that's how our company started. 


Who We Are

We never wanted to be a typical agency, so we're not, we are a  a collaborative and fully comprehensive creative workshop made up of writers, producers, directors, editors, designers, motion graphic artists, social media nerds, and even DJs. We do this because we love to create, whether it happens to be campaigns, live productions, films, or even music. Each one of us is passionate about what we do and eager to create content that we are proud of.


Industries With Whom We Partner

 Serendipity Works is a company that produces work for all types of clientele.   We work with businesses in film, travel, TV, non-profit, gaming, technology, apparel, music, and sports, including American Airlines, Disney, Stand Up To Cancer, and Ubisoft. Our focus is working with great people on amazing projects that gets our blood pumping. 

Featured Services

Creative Advertising


From individual executions to full campaigns, we can help you reach your audience with unique creative executions through print, digital, social, live production, editorial, and motion graphics.

Live Production


Through commercials, live streaming events, and feature films, Serendipity Works can tell your story in a way that deeply engages viewers. 



Creative is only good if it accomplishes your goals. By understanding your needs, we can tailor a plan specific to your company and project, and then get wild!

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We love working with great people on amazing projects, that's why we do this!

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If you are still reading this, we admire how thorough you are. Now let's make some cool stuff!